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Animal Rescue is an important part of our ethos and we have a variety of dogs and cats living in our own home, uphill from the Villa. They are all very friendly but the dogs are kept within our grounds (the cats roam more freely, of course!) unless guests want to meet them.


We often have kittens or puppies being hand-reared and socialised in preparation for their eventual adoption. We welcome guests’ involvement as part of the holiday rental as it helps to socialise them and it is a particular joy to watch the delight when children meet them.


5% of direct bookings through our website and any on-site profits (activities, meals, etc.) go towards Animal Rescue






It all began with Betsy and Colin who were rescued from Brexit (they moved with us from the UK on the original ‘Brexit Day’ - 29 March 2019).

Then came Nana (sadly, no longer with us), closely followed by Rocky, Puppy and Raffles. Braveheart, our 3-legged wonder cat was next, followed by Piglet who we fostered before adoption...but we couldn’t part with her!

The latest addition simply moved in. Tyson Furry, our boxing kitten, appeared for dinner one day and has never left!

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