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Scenic views from the villa

Breakfast & Private Meal Services


Whether it's a fresh breakfast hamper each morning or a fully bespoke private service for your holiday, Villa Hermosa Colina offers a wide range of culinary options to make your eating experience as delicious as your stay is comfortable.


We like to offer a bespoke service to perfectly match your tastes and help you discover new favourites, so please contact us below to let us know your idea of perfection.

Luxury Massage 


We are pleased to be able to offer a range of locally-based massage services on our property. These range from Traditional Thai to Aromatherapy (or oil therapy) and Sports Massage. Our massage space is located within a yurt surrounded by tropical gardens with the intention of in heightening your relaxation experience to its fullest potential. 

​It is helpful to let us know, when booking your stay with us, if this service is of interest to you as it is a subject to availability.

Lunch-time cooking course

If you are a family group or a group of friends who may be interested in learning about traditional Spanish dishes, we can offer cookery courses during your stay with us.

Typically, a two-and-a-half-hour course, including lunch, would cost 25€ per person and more extensive courses are also available.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss your requirements for your stay.

Movie Days/Nights

If you are looking to enjoy the warmth of the evening on the villa balcony or you are caught out on one of those rare rainy days, we have on offer movie nights or days using an HD projector with high quality sound output.


We have a large collection of films to select from or, if you prefer, you can connect to your own personal movies account.


For additional enjoyment of your film, we can also prepare a space to suit fun family occasions, couples looking for a romantic evening or friends who just want to relax together.

A cinematic experience unlike any other!

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